Honda is a staple of the Canadian economy


The roots of the Civic Nation is in Ontario!

Did you know?  Each time you buy a new Honda, you directly contributing to the Canadian economy.  Since 1986, Honda Canada has been manufacturing all its new vehicles here in Canada.  The Japanese manufacturer plant is located here in our own backyards, in Ontario. There are several benefits for each Canadians who enjoyed their Honda cars such as supporting the economy, being environmentally friendly and creating a Canadian expertise.

Having Honda manufacturing in Canada helps our economy. More than half of Honda vehicles sold in this beautiful country are manufactured here, on our home and native land. Located in the Simcoe County, this plant contributes to creating several jobs in the automotive industry outside of Toronto. The community of Alliston is directly benefiting from high-paying jobs for thousands of employees. They assemble the new Honda Civic, one of the most popular cars in the country. 


Being green is important for Honda!

Having a local plant contributes to environmentally actions and Honda Canada knows it. All the new car fleets are delivered locally, which helps reduce all the transportation related emissions on our planet. In addition, most new models are tailored to reduce emissions while increasing fuel economy. For instance, the Honda Civicand the Honda CR-V all have a four-cylinder engine made from source recycled aluminum.


Being green is important for Honda!

The Honda plant in Alliston, in Ontario contributes in developing knowledge and expertise in the Canadian automotive industry. Engineers work hard to develop cars that are capable to face the ever-changing weather conditions.  Thanks to their efforts, Canadians can buy safer cars that have great features. 

Overall, Canadians choosing Honda cars and SUVS are contributing to the economy and helping the engineers developing safer vehicles while preserving the environment.  They are also helping their fellow Canadians maintain good jobs. Maybe it’s time for you to discover why so many Canadians have a brand loyalty and appreciation for this Japanese manufacturer. Check our new Inventory page where you’ll see several vehicles assembled here in Ontario.

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