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Rebuild Your Credit

We understand that many people, from time to time, have temporary employment or credit problems. Even if your current credit rating has been compromised by bad credit, a low credit score, bankruptcy, repossession, collections, late payments, or a consumer proposal, we can get you approved for a bad credit car loan in Clarington area quickly and efficiently.

How Can You Improve Your Credit?

Getting bad credit loans can be incredibly frustrating, and bad credit in general can feel like a difficult hole to dig yourself out of. However, there are ways you can actively work to help improve your situation:

1.  Make a Budget - Take an honest look at your monthly income and expenses, and then develop a balanced budget, so you're not spending more money than you bring in each month.

2. Pay Off Your Debts - One of the biggest considerations that goes into the creation of your credit score is the total amount of debt you have in your name. If you debt ratio is too high based on your income, then lenders will be less likely to give you another loan.

3. Take Out a New Loan - Once you've stabilized your financial situation, it's time to show lenders that you're on a new financial track by taking out a new loan and paying it off on time. For example, you can get a bad credit car loan with Return to Prime, and as long as you make your loan payments on time every month, you'll actively be rebuilding your credit history and improving your credit score.

Clarington Honda - Broken Image

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