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What is a safety recall and when is it necessary?

A safety recall happens when the manufacturer determines that part of a vehicle is defective and the defect can affect the vehicle's safety.  Generally, a safety recall will be issued for specific vehicle models or specific parts that are common among many different vehicles.  When this happens, the manufacturer notifies its authorized dealers and the owners who have registered the vehicle so the owner can take the vehicle to an authorized dealer for repair.

What does a safety recall mean to me?

If your vehicle or part of its equipment is subject to a safety recall, it means the manufacturer has decided that a possible defect in your vehicle is a concern and they want to make sure it never causes a safety issue.

How will I find out if my vehicle is subject to a safety recall after I purchase it?

Manufacturers must notify by first-class mail all registered owners and purchasers of vehicles subject to a safety recall and provide an explanation of the safety recall's risk to safety.  In the safety recall notice, the manufacturer will explain to the owner any potential safety hazards posed by the defect.  The notice will also tell you what to do about it.  Because manufacturers get the names of vehicle owners from state registration offices, you must maintain your state registration information to be sure to receive notice of a safety recall.  If you move, be sure to update your address. We also recommend that you register your vehicle with the manufacturer as soon as you purchase it.  When you do so, you will receive important information on your vehicle directly from the manufacturer.  Most manufacturers also have VIN-specific look-up functions on their sites.


Where can I find my VIN?

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a serial number used to identify individual motor vehicles. Every car has one and every one is unique. It is used to keep track of your vehicle's history.

You can find your VIN three ways:


By looking at the driver's side door frame. The VIN will be on a label near where the door latches.


By looking in the bottom corner of the windshield on the driver's side.


The VIN is a required part of your vehicle registration and can be found printed on your owner's permit issued by the government.

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