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Honda Side-By-Side

It's your life, Honda side-by-side just makes it more fun!

Clarington Honda - Broken Image


Clarington Honda - Broken Image

More power

Need extra power? The Pioneer 520 delivers with its improved 518 cc liquid-cooled engine. That extra 43 cc provides a torque boost and increased low-to-midrange performance that make tough jobs or tough trails even easier to handle.

Efficient engine

The Pioneer 520’s upgraded liquid-cooled engine is mounted longitudinally. By orienting the crankshaft front to back in the chassis, the flow of power is straight to the wheels without any right angle detours, reducing powertrain friction and putting more grunt to the ground.

Clarington Honda - Broken Image


Clarington Honda - Broken Image
Clarington Honda - Broken Image

Refined performance

The liquid-cooled 675 cc single-cylinder engine has tons of torque and plenty of power. Fuel injection means it starts right up, even on cold days or at high altitude. And the engine is rubber mounted for reduced vibration.

AT/MT Mode And Paddle Shifters

With the Honda Pioneer 700, you can let the automatic transmission shift for you, or you can take charge and choose which gear you want for yourself via the steering column mounted paddle shifters—you can even shift from auto to manual (AT to MT) on the fly!

Clarington Honda - Broken Image


Clarington Honda - Broken Image
Clarington Honda - Broken Image

Powerful performance

Our ultimate side-by-side needs plenty of power, so we built it around a 999 cc fuel-injected twin-cylinder engine with Honda’s famed four-valve Unicam cylinder head. For 2022, the Pioneer 1000 benefits from increased power in the mid and upper rpm range for improved acceleration and increased towing capacity, making it ready to deliver all the performance you need on the trails or on the job.

Smart transmission

Honda’s fully automatic six-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission delivers more linear throttle and an updated gear selection for 2022, which has been adjusted to match the increased power output while improving the shift rhythm and consistency – with less distracting shift shock. The innovative transmission senses how you’re riding, monitoring throttle input, engine RPM, vehicle speed and more. If you’re going downhill, the Pioneer stays in a lower gear for superior engine braking. And if you want to choose a specific gear, upshift or downshift yourself in demanding conditions or even override the automatic gear selection, the twin paddle-type shifters make it easy and fun.

Clarington Honda - Broken Image


Clarington Honda - Broken Image

High-performance engine

The Talon boasts a 999 cc, quick revving, naturally-aspirated, parrallel twin engine which builds off years of experience with the Pioneer 1000 and the Africa Twin. From the shared 999 cc base platform, the Talons engine has been updated, refined and tuned to provide increased performance while maintaining Honda engine durability; essentially purpose-built for the Talon 1000X.

Unicam head design

Engineers have adopted the Unicam head design with its low-friction roller rocker arms from the CRF motocross bikes, and have tuned the exhaust to create a sound like no other – especially when it’s at full throttle.